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TGF just doesn't go to schools and donate equipment and leave. When TGF conducts the initital interview, we also evaluate whether or not an additional guitar curriculum is needed. If yes, TGF now has an educational sponsor, GuitarGate.

 Our Educational Sponsor GuitarGate is a "virtual classroom" where there is a curriculum, a step-by-step logical learning process, and real student interaction. Music teachers and school faculty members, click here for more information. check out the video below.

If your present music program doesn't include guitars, and you feel that applying for our grant would be a waste of time, realize that as we tour schools across the country and we have heard time after time about the desire of children that want to learn the guitar, acoustic or electric and by working with us, you open the doors to limitless possiblitities for your students. Best of all, this is FREE.

Traveling Guitar Foundation Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors

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