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Traveling Guitar Foundation: Instrument Donations

If you are a school, the process for acquiring FREE instruments is very easy. The first thing to do is go to our grants page, and download the application. Once completed, send us the application, and we will review the information. Then expect a phone call from TGF, where you will be interviewed to determine your need and your current music program.

Once the interview is completed and your application is accepted, TGF then goes to work for your school. We reach out to our sponsors with your wish list and if we can get it we will! We have been able to obtain to date:

• Electric and Acoustic/Electric Guitars
• Various types of Percussion Instruments including full   drumsets
• Amplifiers and Instrument Cables.

A date is set for the presentation of the donations, where Damon Marks and a crew of musical professionals put on a live show, engage the children, explain about the program and present the instruments. A music curriculum is also presented to the music teacher for further assistance in teaching.

Every school that has been accepted through our grant process has seen a marked improvement in student engagement in their music program because children can learn instruments and music that they feel is contemporary! HOW CAN YOU TURN AWAY FREE MUSICAL EQUIPMENT?

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