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Traveling Guitar Foundation: Grant Information

A Traveling Guitar Foundation Grant “If Awarded” consists of:
• A visit to your school by the TGF team
• A live musical performance by a diverse range of artists
• One on One interaction with the students in a workshop or    clinical environment
• A donation of new Electric–Acoustic guitars or Electric guitars,    amplifiers, cables and percussion
• An extensive 8 to 9 week curriculum on teaching guitar

To qualify for a grant from the Traveling Guitar Foundation interested applicants should please submit the information requested below and a one (1)-page essay demonstrating the needs of their school's music curriculum and commitment to music education. You must complete this form, download the

Traveling Guitar Foundation Grant Application

To email send to:

To mail:  

Traveling Guitar Foundation - Grant Request - P.O. Box 394

Tennent, NJ 07763

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