Rock On, Colts Neck High

June 2, 2015

The Traveling Guitar Foundation visited Colts Neck High School on Friday, May 29th.  Professional musician and TGF founder Damon Marks was accompanied by Rachel Lorin of Oxygen's "The Next Big Thing" to perform for the students at Colts Neck.  

The visit was organized by the school's business teacher Cindy Bravaco.  Ms. Bravaco said, "We decided this would work for what we're trying to do here, because we're just trying to motivate the kids a little more to get involved in music.  We're hoping that after this they get the feeling that this is an awesome thing to get involved in."

Colts Neck principal, Dan Simon, added, "There's so much untapped talent here, because we're not seeing them get involved with the chorus or band. The group that we have does a great job, so why aren't we getting more kids on board? This (event) is part of what we hope gets more kids involved."  

Marks and Lorin performed familiar rock songs in the hope of reinforcing the value of music from an angle that is different than the genres usually associated with school bands and choruses.  Marks also donated Schechter Guitars to the school in the hopes of getting more kids to experiment with and enjoy music.

Read the article from here.


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