TGF had another great visit at Theodore Schor Middle School in NJ

April 20, 2015

Traveling Guitar Foundation visited Theodore Schor Middle School in Piscataway, NJ last Friday, April 17th.  Damon Marks, founder and executive director, was joined by singer Rachel Lorin in the latest of the Spring tour of performances at schools in the NY/NJ area.  TGF visits schools that have had to eliminate music education due to shrinking budgets for music programs.

The performance was enjoyable and educational for the kids.  Some of the children volunteered to perform on stage as well.  Marks performed a variety of musical genres to illustrate the diversity and possibility of music.  


"It has been proven that music helps children's intellectual, social and creative skills," Marks said. "I grew up in the '80s. There was much more interaction between people. We played outside. We did things together — including music. Now, kids are always using technology or on their phones. There seem to be more mental issues. Music is a great way to socialize and help with any issues, including mental. Music is one part of education that benefits the kids."

TGF thanks Theodore Schor Middle School for the opportunity to share the love of music with the kids.  Thanks also to the sponsors who support TGF in its mission.  



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